Question Communications

The ever-changing media landscape means that brands need agencies that specialise in more than one discipline. We pride ourselves on delivering clear, cohesive campaigns utilising the relevant media to effectively reach and engage with audiences.


We've delivered ground breaking campaigns for The Prince's Trust, Hugo Boss, The Arts Council and MTV Staying Alive/UNICEF amongst others. Our approach is simple: talk to the client and ask questions that will provide them with the right answers.

Case Study

Shuga (TV/Online/Radio) for MTV Staying Alive and UNICEF.

MTV Staying Alive and UNICEF wanted to create a multi-platform media campaign to drive core messaging about HIV and AIDS awareness. Our approach was simple. In order to gain the attention of young people, you need to engage them in the process of producing the content aimed at them.

We hosted a 5-day workshop for UNICEF with over 30 young people from all over the world. They informed us on how they'd like to hear public health messages aimed at them. We then produced a series of radio dramas, alongside two radio shows to be broadcast globally.

Each core message was authentically woven into each production.

We also excel in:

  • Social media
  • Branding
  • Campaign development
  • Content delivery

Question Productions

Question Productions have an excellent track record in producing innovative and engaging content. We're currently working on a few exciting projects for some UK TV/radio broadcasters


We have a proven track record in producing compelling content. We can create TV, online, print and radio content for broadcasters or corporate companies.

Check out episode one of Shuga; Love Sex and Money produced for Unicef and MTV Staying Alive

Case Study

Shuga Radio Drama

Love Sex Money Episode 11

We also excel in:

  • Producing multimedia magazine formats
  • Scripting and producing
  • Creating visual/audio indents

Question Education

We're passionate about pedagogy and creativity, which has seen us produce and deliver curriculums for The Roundhouse, The National Theatre and The University of The Arts London.

N-Dubz N-Dubz, in the Stars Read campaign 07


Our education team has over 30 years' combined experience in the area of vocational education. Each member of staff holds a recognised teaching qualification, meaning they can ensure academic standards and practice are applied to the creative curriculums which we create.

Case Study

The University of The Arts London

The University of The Arts London is one of the most prestigious arts institutions in the UK. To ensure BA publishing/media students received not only academic tuition but also industry experience, we forged partnerships with leading brands and organisations where students could gain valuable hands-on training. Professional briefs were also integrated into the programme of study to help prepare the students for working life after graduation.

We also excel in:

  • Producing training courses for organisations
  • Creating education resources and materials
  • Partnering education institutions with companies
  • Mentoring/producing mentoring schemes